About Me

I am a graphic designer, currently based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. My journey began when I was a senior in high school, through the Western Arkansas Technical Center (WATC) which allowed me to take college classes while I was still in high school. I didn't start in graphic design though. I didn't even know what graphic design was. For years, I had convinced myself that I wanted to be an engineer and actually started out at WATC taking mechanical engineering courses. Although I did well, I found that engineering courses aren't all that exciting to me, and switched my major to CAD the next semester.

Now, if I had known that staying in CAD meant I could later study Animation Technology, I might be writing a different story. I mean, come on. How cool are video games? Alas, CAD did not seem to be the career I was looking for either. Here comes senior year, and I decide to give this graphic design program a go. How hard could it be? HA! Not only was that program the most challenging thing I had ever attempted to complete, but it was also unbelievably rewarding and ridiculously awesome to find something I could be so passionate about. 

What I really love about graphic design is the variety. It's constantly developing new trends, new technology, new ways to solve problems through visual communication, but there's a special place in my heart for the old tech too. I worked in the letterpress shop at school for two years and fell in love with the soft clinking of setting metal type letter by letter. I believe this experience made me a true typography nerd. Occasionally I'll point out fonts by name out of habit, but instead of a "how neat you know what that font is just by looking at it" reaction, I get a "wow...you're weird, stop that." Eventually, I would like be in a workplace with other type nerds, and we bond while making fun of Comic Sans.